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10 Years Anniversary MFC Dream Fight 16

MFC DREAM FIGHT Vol.16 2023.11.19 (Sun) at MFC Moriguchi Gym Start 10.00am

計量10:00~ 試合開始11:00~(予定)

10 Years Anniversary, MFC Muay Thai Fighter Club Osaka Japan

  1. MFC Kyobashi Gym since 2013

  2. MFC Moriguchi Gym since 2016

  3. MFC Harinakano Gym since 2021

  4. MFC Hirakata Gym since 2023

Thank you for all support from our MFC family for 10 years ago.

We will continue to do our best for our MFC Family more and more...

Wishing all our MFC family good health, wealth and happiness forever.

Never give up, Keep moving !!!

Best regards,

MT Monpathis

MFC's president



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